EyeClops Bionicam Camera

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EyeClops Bionicam

The EyeClops Bionicam is a handheld microscope with a built-in USB memory stick for recording video and taking pictures. Take the Bionicam with you to magnify the objects around you 100x, 200x, or 400x their original size, then view your photos and videos of the magnifications on your computer or TV.

Everyday objects like leaves, hair, coins, and anything else you can think of are seen in a whole new way when magnified on the Eyeclops Bionicam. The battery-operated camera has a cool eyeball-shaped design that is easily held in one hand, so you're ready to explore freely.

Eyeclops Bionicam Camera Viewing

Quick setup with no special software required makes it easy to share and save the images on the Bionicam. Simply plug the USB memory stick directly into your computer for quick access to images, then save and edit them or share them online. An included video cable gives you the option to view your photos and videos on your television, where the whole family or a group of friends will have fun seeing the huge magnified images.


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EyeClops Bionicam Is Fun for the Whole Family

The hand-held magnifying "eye" is fun to hold and makes it easy for your child to explore the microscopic world without complicated scientific instruments. Viewing the magnified images on your computer or TV screen in full, vivid color encourages kids to take learning into their own hands and provides numerous opportunities for parents and children to play fun and educational games together.

The excitement of seeing objects in your child's everyday world magnified to up to 400 times is sure to be a hit with whole family. Fortunately, the lightweight, durable plastic unit fits comfortably into both small and large hands. And if you need some help getting started, the easy-to-read instruction booklet offers lots of tips for finding items that hide interesting textures, from pine needles to sponges and insects.

EyeClops Camera Operation

To start using the Eyeclops camera, insert five AA batteries (not included) into the belt clip battery pack, put the included USB memory stick into the top of the BioniCam, and turn the unit on. With the camera's ergonomically shaped handle in one hand, you can focus on any number of everyday objects--such as coins, fabric, your pet's fur, or your own hair and skin. The magnified images appear in real time and full color on the LCD screen. Easy-to-use buttons near the LCD screen let you to navigate the menu, select video or photo options, review your gallery, and delete unwanted images.

A zoom dial offers either 100x, 200x or 400x magnification. To focus an image, twist the I.R.I.S. lens attachment until you achieve the results you're looking for. Getting a crisp image takes a little patience at first, especially at the highest magnification. But with practice and with the help of the easy-to-read focusing gauge, you'll be focusing the lens in no time.

Eyeclops Bionicam by Jakks

The Eyeclops Bionicam is a great way for kids to explore the world around, whether playing in the house or outside. It's easy to use the LCD screen as a viewfinder to find specimens and then zoom in with one of three powerful magnification levels (100x, 200x and an eye-popping 400x) and take digital pictures and video of your exciting discoveries. The fun continues when you save and share your photos and videos with the built-in flash drive and removable USB key. Plug the camera into the TV to view your findings as a group, or plug the USB into your computer to share online or by email. No matter how you use the Eyeclops Bionicam, you'll have hours of scientific exploration and fun.